Hi everyone,

As you glance through my website, you will notice that my coaching practices refer to a ‘Mindset of Possibility’ (MOP). I also mentioned how this concept has supported my own personal and professional growth. I am hoping that this approach to mindset may inspire and help you as we continue to navigate the uncertainty of our pandemic world

What is a Mindset of Possibility?

We live in a world of extremity: rich vs poor, right-wing vs left-wing etc. There is very little space for the middle ground. Even when we think of our mindset; it’s either positive or negative. A negative outlook is seen as draining, depressive and bad. Whereas a positive mindset creates images of smiles, sunshine and almost euphoric. 

However, I feel a ‘Mindset of Possibility’ can bridge the gap between these extremes as the emphasis is on exploring the options available.  It feels less forced than telling me to just ‘be positive’. Instead, I see it as making an active choice to move away from the cyclical negative stories and consciously make decisions over my thoughts. It allows me to open my mind to the ideas of choice and that there are always endless possible outcomes. 

Why adopt a mindset of possibility?

It feels easier! 

As I have mentioned before, my logical brain has often struggled with the idea of ‘being positive’. I can’t just ‘be positive’, can I?! What about all the natural life challenges that occur? How can I be ‘positive’ during a pandemic? For me, the phrase ‘Mindset of Possibility’ seems more attainable. It reminds me that nothing is fixed or definite. Instead, it feels easier and lighter; that there is always a choice.

It feels exciting!

When I hear the phrase ‘Mindset of Possibility’, I instantly feel excited. There are so many opportunities and adventures out there for me if I dare. When a situation arises, I lean into this joyful energy. This helps me to loosen my control on my path and be open to what great things could await me.

It clears the fear!

When situations arise, our default mode can often move us into a state of fear and dread. We start to focus on the negative ‘what ifs’ and the spiraling thoughts that can occur. Instead, by consciously deciding on a ‘Mindset of Possibility’, you are giving your negative mind a helping hand to move into a more positive state. You are telling yourself ‘I don’t want to sit in the negative. I want to find some light and possibility down here that I can lean into, to help me move forward’.

It sparks creativity!

Since I have become aware of MOP (Mindset of Possibility), I have found that I am bringing greater energy to my daily well being practices. When I would journal in the past I would often drown in my thoughts. Sometimes this is very much needed as it’s very therapeutic to get those ideas out on paper. However, when I approach my daily journaling with a ‘Mindset of Possibility’, the creative ideas just flow. If I feel stuck, I reflect on all the exciting possibilities and my mood instantly shifts. My meditations are more joyful and I feel greater gratitude for my life. I also try to tap into this energy when I am at work and facing different obstacles.

So I challenge you today to take some time to think about your daily mindset. 

  • What is the common thread running through your daily thoughts?
  • What areas of your life would benefit from adopting a new mindset?

Feel free to comment below or drop us a line at hello@mcrelihan.com

Trust me, it is amazing what amazing opportunities can come your way when you adopt a ‘Mindset of Possibility’.