Where attention goes, energy flows and results show’

When I first heard this Tony Robbins quote, I was instantly fascinated how this simple sentence sums up the complex process that is happening in our mind every minute of every day. 

As I have said before in previous posts; your thoughts and beliefs dictate your actions and this creates the results in your life. The interesting thing is that often these thoughts are focused on past or future situations, rarely are they helping us to stay grounded in the present. Instead, our mind unconsciously mulls over past experiences and worries about future expectations.

Today’s blog post is all about how you can gain some conscious control over these thoughts. With so much happening in our world right now, it is a real challenge to stay grounded in the present. Lately, my mind is constantly racing about what could happen in our world and what the future has in store for humanity.

How can I gain better control over my thoughts?

The first thing to remember when we explore mindset is that you are not your thoughts. They are often a jumble of inherited beliefs and fragments of past experiences. But these two concepts can help bring you back to consciousness.


What is your intention for today, for this month and your life in general? Perhaps it’s to have more love in your life, experience financial freedom or have a rewarding career. All of these things are possible. The key is coming back to your WHY. Why do you want these things in your life? Can you think of a past goal/experience where everything just fell into place? How did this come about? Most likely you had let go of the need to control every element of the goal. In this mindset, things flow with greater ease.


Once we set our intention or goal, the next step is considering where we put our daily energy and thoughts? Take a moment to think about what thoughts have entered your mind today? Remember our past thoughts are simply a recollection of past experiences; often distorted. The future scenarios are full of what-ifs and anticipation. However, when we bring our attention to the present moment, we develop greater awareness. It is physically good for our bodies to stay in the present as the past/future can cause us to spiral in the fight or flight response.

So how do I put the intention and attention principles into practice?

  1. Take time daily to sit and think. Sounds easy? However most of us spend all our day ‘doing’ and very little time ‘being’ Remember; you are a human being, not a human doing. Giving yourself just 10-15 minutes to just sit and breathe in the present moment is so powerful. It helps you to hear your inner voice and go behind all the daily noise you encounter
  2. When you find that moment of peace, start to think of your intention. Let’s just start with this new month of March. What would you like to experience more of or bring into your life? Sit with this idea and plant the seed of intention. You might want to jot it down or save it as your screensaver on your phone or laptop
  3. Stay true to yourself and choose wisely who you share your intentions with. Often we lose sight of what we want or let it go because of the advice from others (which often is not in your best interest).
  4. Let go of attachment to the process and outcome. You don’t have to know the HOW right now. How many times have people met their life partner or been offered a great job opportunity when they weren’t looking for it.
  5. Trust and trust some more. When you start to feel fear or future/past stories creeping in, come back to the present moment. Catch the thought. Take a moment to get curious and check in with the thought and feeling. Then decide if this is the thought you choose and if not, change it. I find doing some deep slow breathing helps when the mindset of lack or fear kicks in.
  6. Focus your attention on the next obvious step and go do it. Instead of worrying about the 10 million to do’s. Just come back to what the next thing is and do that. You’re not meant to have the whole thing mapped out.

Training the mind to become stronger and comfortable in the present moment takes practice. It is just like learning a new language or sport. Your mind will fight it, but when you get to experience those moments of flow and peace, you realise the value. Living in the present moment creates a great sense of freedom. 

Imagine if we lived every day just enjoying every moment as it unfolded… what a life that would be.