Master Your Mindset

12 Week Program Taking You From Frustration to Freedom


Set Goals

Get clarity on what you really want and how you want to enjoy life


Unpack Beliefs

Explore and unpack your current beliefs and habits. How well are they serving you?


Take Action

Move into inspired action to help you create and live out your vision with support and accountability from MC

What’s Included

12 Weekly Training Modules

Access to our 12 week Master Your Mindset program created by MC, drawing on her Masters and PhD research.

This includes:

– An accessible research driven curriculum on mindset and habit formation (I’ve broken it right down for you!)

– An engaging weekly workbook to accompany each topic, packed with info and journal prompts

2 group sessions per week over 12 weeks

These 24 sessions give you access to:

-LIVE interactive workshops to maximize your learning

-Expert teaching where you can ask your questions in real time

– Tools and strategies that you can implement straight away

– Opportunities to connect and learn from like-minded people

Private Community

Being part of our group program gives you access to our private Telegram group. This is what makes this program so special: connecting with other people just like you who are keen to thrive in life, instead of just survive.

Weekly individual debrief sessions with MC

The HUGE benefit of this program is that you can chat with MC one on one to talk through your journey, your goals and your progress. We are in this together and I want you to make REAL progress in this course.

This Program Is For People Who Want More From Life And Are Ready To Thrive Instead Of Just Survive!

If you feel drawn to be more, experience more and do more with your life, then I guarantee you this program will transform your mindset and in turn your life!

‘Master your Mindset’ Program

VALUE: $2200

12 Weekly Training Modules

Drawing on research based practice and my own coaching experience, this program supports you through 3 key phases; vision, beliefs and action to enable you step up and live life on your own terms

Value: $2400

24 Group Coaching Sessions

Interactive and engaging; all of our coaching calls are live so you can ask questions and discuss the content as you go.

Private Community

All members of our program will be given access to our private Telegram group to connect with like mind people.

Value $2400

Personal weekly debriefs with MC

This is is your time; dedicated focused sessions for you to chat, reflect and plan under the guidance and support of your coach MC. Its time to tap into your infinite potential!

I am here to support and empower you to lean into the mindset of possibility and create a life of genuine fulfillment.

My Purpose In Life; Helping people believe in themselves so they can take Leaps Of Faith and SUCCEED

I’m So Confident I Can Help You Because:

Firstly, I’ve been there. I know only too well the feeling of being burnt out, depleted, overworked, anxious and unhappy and I found a BETTER way to live

Secondly I am an experienced coach. This isn’t something I’ve started overnight. I’ve been coaching and supporting people for 4 years BEFORE I started by own coaching business. My practices are based on my Masters and PhD research…hours & hours of study!

Finally, I practice what I preach. My work is based on research but also my personal and professional experience. I am walking this path of personal growth too!

I’m ready to step up and support you to live life on your own terms.

So what are waiting for?
Click the button below, and apply now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make the live group calls?

I highly recommend that you do try and attend all the live calls. However, I know ‘life’ happens and this might not always be the case.

All our zoom calls are recorded and you will be given access within 24hrs to watch back the call

Who is this course for?

This 12 week program is aimed at people who feel stuck or frustrated and want help moving forward. They know they want to see changes in their lives.

They may even have tried different approaches before.They don’t know where to start or how to get the new habits ‘to stick’. This is for people who want a transformation, to thrive instead of just survive.

How much does it cost?

So the value of is this package is over $7000!!!!

However I am offering this 12 week course at just AUD$4990 (plus 10% GST).

An investment? Yep it is.

But is it worth it? 100%. You will not look back!

What time are the calls?

The calls happen twice a week. One will be early in the morning and the other in the evening.

This is to accommodate people joining from outside Australia. We make the time difference work!

How do I sign up?

It’s simple. Just fill in this short application form to join our wait list and MC will reach out to set up an initial free consultation.

Why MC?

Let’s get real here. I could type up a list of stats and qualifications or try and think of some jazzy sales pitch. But the bottom line is I know my purpose in life is to help as many people as I can to tap into their infinite potential.

Simply put, coaching is just one human helping another be their best self and this is what I love to do.


Your More Empowered Self Is Waiting.

Number 1 Benefit

12 Weekly Training Modules

2 x Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Private Community

BONUS 3 x 1-1 Calls with MC Relihan