Hey there,

Welcome to the MC Relihan blog! I finally decided to take another leap of faith and create a space where I can write about all the things I love; coaching, mentoring, mindset and habit formation. As I jot down this first blog post, I am a mix of nervous excitement and sheer terror, in equal measures. However, writing on LinkedIn and Twitter over the last two years has become a bit of a therapeutic outlet for me so I wanted to continue to share ideas and research with the hope of helping and inspiring others.

If you have looked through the website, you will have noticed that I repeatedly mention the idea of a mindset of possibility. This is perhaps the most powerful tool that I use daily to guide me. It has especially helped me through the uncertainty of 2020 and 2021. My aim with my blog is to help others develop this mindset so they can create a more fulfilled and authentic life.

‘Letting go of the old mindset’

For a very long time, I did exactly what I was meant to do. I made decisions based on fear; fear of what others would say, fear of consequences, fear of straying from the socially acceptable path. After returning to study in 2016, I started to examine my decision-making process and reflect on the results that were showing up in my life. I began to wonder what would happen if I opened up my mind to the idea of possibility and stopped trying to monitor my life path. Maybe I wasn’t going to have the 2.2 kids, build a house next to my parents, teach in the local school & marry the local football player etc. and that was ok. Instead of ‘clinging’ to this vision, I started to lean into the idea that anything is possible for me and that I can do anything I want with my life. Letting go of this old conditioned vision allowed wonderful opportunities to come my way.

Welcoming in a mindset of possibility’

I have always found it hard to accept the realm of bright shiny positivity. My logical practical nature has always struggled to adopt this attitude. Instead, I prefer an attitude of possibility. I started by reassessing my beliefs and habits and going to the root of my values. I decided I was going to make conscious decisions instead of cruising on autopilot and accepting circumstances. I realised I had choices. I could take control of my reality. I didn’t have to keep accepting the results I was seeing. I began to see my life path as an open book that I could consciously fill with amazing opportunities. This led me to quit my pensionable teaching job in Ireland. Within a few weeks, I had packed up my life and hopped on a plane for a job in Melbourne. As a single 33-year-old woman, I was seriously bucking the path I was ‘meant’ to follow. I was terrified but so proud and excited that I was steering my future. Some people thought I was having a midlife crisis and asked would I not just buy a house in Ireland if I needed a ‘new project’. However, taking that leap of faith was the best thing I ever did.

Since my move back to Australia, I repeatedly lean into a mindset of possibility. This powerful concept helps me when I feel unsure or overwhelmed. Sometimes it means meditation, or some journaling or a walk at the beach. No matter the format, I remind myself to take a breath and let go of my tight grip on my life path. I just come back to what is the next step I need to take today and relax into the idea that anything is possible.

So I challenge you to take a few moments to reflect on the wonderful possibilities that are at your fingertips if you dare to look!