This one is for the go-getters in the audience!!

If you are Irish, you might remember the song ‘Go go woman’ written by comedian Brendan O’Shea about busy Irish women are and ‘all the jobs’ they have to do. This song, although a total satire, is a great reminder of how much our world idolizes the busy woman. ‘How does she do it all?’ they will say. ‘She’s a superwoman’. So today’s post dedicated to the multi-taskers, the checklist lovers, and the ‘get the job done’ people.

Our Addiction to ‘Doing’

Before I go any further, let me be frank; taking action is very important, especially when setting goals! However, sometimes we are addicted to portraying this ‘busy’ image and the ‘buzz’ we feel. This frantic rate of action is rarely sustainable (hello burnout!) Keeping our external world so busy means we often don’t have to sit and untangle our internal world. Ticking off jobs is often easier than dealing with our personal crap.

If we want to set meaningful goals, we have to start giving that inner voice some air time. Only then can we begin to tap into our creative and imaginative minds. Once again I come back to my familiar phrase; your power is in the pause! Our imagination is one of our most transformative tools, but somewhere along our adult journey way, we lose it and focus solely on ‘to-do’ lists when setting goals.

How do you use your imagination currently?

The funny thing is that when we do use our imagination as adults, it’s often to imagine negative things. How often have you daydreamed about your worst fears; illness, death, losing your job, heartbreak or loneliness? Isn’t amazing that this is where we often send our imagination? We rarely let our imagination go to a happy or exciting possibility, and if we do, we quickly disregard it and tell ourselves to ‘cop on’ or ‘get real’ or my personal favourite ‘I’m actually fine. I’m doing ok’.

My question to you now is…is living an ok life enough? Is that where we want to spend the next 10, 20, 30, or 40 years of our life? Just feeling mediocre?

Igniting Your Imagination for Goal Setting

I want to share with you two short writing activities that are a great way to activate the imaginative mind and wake it back up.

My Marvellous Life

Take a few moments to imagine a marvellous life just for you.

  • How would you feel?
  • What would be different?
  • What would be the same?
  • How would you spend your time?
  • What did you daydream about as a child?
  • What did you imagine you would do with your life?

My Wish List

Jot down the numbers 1 – 20 down along the margin of your page. You are going to write down 20 different wishes. Start each sentence with ‘I wish…’

This writing activity is meant to be done as fast as possible. No time for your logical mind or problem-solving to kick in. If your mind goes blank- encourage it to keep going. It doesn’t have to be profound. Your wishes can be simple or silly- nothing is wrong.

Once you are finished- have a look back over your list. Does any wish in particular stand out? Why? Maybe you wrote down something that surprised you or that stirred some emotions.

Developing Goals that are True for YOU!

Exercises like this help us see past our conditioned thoughts and ideas. Often we are subconsciously working towards goals that our parents want, or our partner would like us to achieve or a goal that is accepted by society. By taking time to reflect and tune into your imagination ,you start to let the REAL you bubble to the surface. This is the only way to know if a goal is worth achieving…. If imagining it makes you feel excited and inspired (maybe a little scared!), then you have struck gold!

Having done one or both of these exercises, let’s return to the goal statement you wrote last week.

Do you need to change anything? Does it still ring true for you?

Remember; the best goals come from your imagination!

With love,

MC x